Lisbon is a wonderful city, capable to surprise the visitor in every corner with an air of decadence that becomes into its best icon.  But Lisbon is also modern and cosmopolitan and lately has definitely become a city of high contrasts. It makes this city interesting enough to be visited several times in life or even to settle down in here:


Equally surprising is wandering around Lisbon, experiencing its night life, which is far from the fado culture that comes to your mind. Lisbon has recently been revealed as a city with a very interesting nightlife and a dynamic day life too. In this sense,electronic music is the referent, thanks to proposals such as the electronic festival in Lisbon Brunch electronik or nightclubs as Lux, owned by Oscar nominee John Malkovich.

Alto neighborhood: King of the Night

If we want to enjoy the best clubbing, our place is definitely the picturesque Altoneighborhood. This is a bohemian and eclectic districtwhichreaches its climax afterthe sunset.

If during the day it stands out for its quiet atmosphere, at nightit transforms into the favorite area of nightlife lovers:full of bars which open at 00.00 and clubs hosting the best local DJ’s.

Brunch Electronik

To all these pleasures already mentioned, Lisbon adds the ability to gather electronic music lovers in a very popular event, where even children have place (it is totally family friendly). The Brunch Electronik is celebrated from noon until near midnight in such a picturesque place as theTapada da AjudaPark. This event is joined by the first-row namesof world electronic music such as Simian Mobile Disco, Tiga, Mind Against and a long list of many important DJ’s.

Port and Tagus: the cool zone

We can open the night plan in the AltoNeighborhood or if the underground environment isnot comfortable for us, we can try around the Tagus River, whichis one of the most exclusive and prestigious areas of the citywhere to enjoy good atmosphere with electronic music in the background.

John Malkovich has invigorated the area by opening his club, Lux, and it is enough demand for the best DJ’s to decide to hold sessions in this cozy Lisbon corner. But thisis not the only offer in the zone, whichis certainly a very interesting area where we can move at night.

After hours in Lisbon

If we are one of those who enjoy a nightlife marathon, the Kremlin club (considered bymany people the Pachá of Lisbon) offers an original atmosphere, varied and interesting until late at night and all surrounded by history.

The local suffered a closure in 2011 but this year has become a leader in the electronic music world. If we want a quieter choice but with no time limits, the Paradise Garage is our place, with live performances and sessions of “ringside”.