Barcelona day after day, year after year is revealed as the perfect city to do business not only at a national but also European and even global level. Madrid is one of the othersgreat attraction poles but the Catalan capital takes the advantage of being considered one of the most advanced cities across the continent as well as having one of the largest metropolitan areas of major economic activity in Europe but, what can we do to landwith our business in Barcelona?


Check the program of fairs and go to thoserelated to your business

If Madrid has the well-knownIFEMA, Barcelona is proud of its Fira. This is a powerful tool to understand and make ourselves known through its fairs and congresses onbusiness. Whether you have already or not landed in Barcelona with your business, do not miss the opportunity to present yourself in those fairs more related to your business. If this has to do with the world of communication, it is almost mandatory to prepare a stand for Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. We are talking about the largest exhibition of mobile telecommunications in the world with a remarkable international scopeand visitedby an average of 100,000 people. All of them are potential clients or potential business partners.

Move around the main centers and business areas

Regarding logistics (more space, better access, lower costs, etc.), you may be interested in establishingyour headquarters in one of the excellent industrial parks ofthe city of Barcelona and its surroundings (L’Hospitalet, Masnou, MontcadaiReixac etc.) .However, it is important  not to lose sight of what is going on in the main centers and business areas of the city.

Barcelona has more than onefinancial and administrative district where the exhibitions can be held. Districts such as the innovative 22 @, where we find institutions like Barcelona Activa,whichcan help you in all matters relating to the constitution of your company in Barcelona or the area adjacent to Plaza de Europa in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, having the Firajust a few meters away. Theseare the key placeswhere you can find allies, partners or simply study the competition. In short,spotswhere youshould be present if not full time, at least, often.

Do not miss any event

In addition to the rich offer at fairs and congresses, Barcelona is widely active in terms of events, conferences, lectures etc. where, in addition to learning about the business environment, we can make networking and get ideas to develop and implement our business continuously.

Do not stop analyzingyour target

A company should be where itsaudience is.This is the way to study their behavior, consider their needs and meet them at all times.

Barcelona is very heterogeneous in public, so do not miss the opportunity to turn this city into your field of study and do not stop to analyze the behavior of your potential customers to adequateyour business.