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A Training Plan To Be A Champion

The practice of sport should be a passion: in order to master it you really have to enjoy it. However, it doesn’t matter the type of athlete you are, there may come a time in which you will evolve from an amateur into a professional sportsman.Which is the best training plan  to make the leap to the elite?


Look for the help of trainers’ academies

The difference between normal practice and professional training is specialization, and it consists of techniques, discipline, programs that only professional sport can offer. So if you want to be a football star, you should go start by looking for football teams, schools etc. and do not stay in the simple continuous practice because this will not help you with some specific techniques or strategies.

This applies to any discipline: if you really want to become a professional tennis player, you may be interested in enrolling tennis programs in the Rafa Nadal Academy, and the same with any sport..

Take it seriously and take time to practice 

The difference between amateur practice and professional practice is the same as that between a hobby and a job: in the first case, we devote the hours that we want and when we want, just because we feel like it. The latter is something we should take seriously: with a rigorous training where we devote daily hours which allow us to improve every day and observe positive results.

If time does not allow us to combine studies with sports, there are academies and high performance centers where a full curriculum (which we should never abandon) is performed.

You just need to set your goals 

As we indicated, the sport practice must be vocational. You cannot be the best just because you are required to do it, and even less if we talk about being a professional. Therefore, you have to decide for yourself the goals. Do you want to be just good and competitive? Do you want to make the leap to the elite and participate in tournaments ? Do you want to devote to it and become professional ? Do you want to participate in the Olympics Games?

Decide your goals and go beyond them. According to these goals you can choose the best training program for you.

Have a plan 

Whether alone (although not recommended) or with help of professionals, you need to seta training plan, supervised by a professional, and follow it.

Improvements in sport are not achieved just through physical exercise or bodybuilding. According to the sport we practice, we sharpen some skills like agility or precision, but without forgetting strength, dexterity, coordination etc. They are also very important.

Therefore, a professional can design a suitable program for you to focus on the most necessary abilities for practicing your sport but without forgetting or the rest of skills. That is, a football player, even if he just needs his legs to run and kick the ball, must also train other skills. And it is the same for a tennis player, who should not focus only on his or her arms but need to keep fit in general.

Why One Should Consider Moving to Miami?

The 21st Century is an amazing time to be moving to Miami, Florida. If you’re considering such a move, All Around Moving has many reasons to go ahead. In addition to having the professional assistance of our company to help arrange your Miami move, this destination is one of the hottest in the country.

Miami’s tropical climate allows for hot but sunny summers and comfortable and toasty winters. This is an outdoor destination to the fullest, where you will have a multitude of awesome recreational activities such as sailing, biking, golf and tennis. Its stunning beaches all up the coast make it the ultimate tourist attraction.

No State Taxes

Florida is one of a few states that have 0% state income tax. This makes an ideal climate for entrepreneurs and other working professionals that want to be able to make a great living, have fun without the fear of being taxed to death.

Job Opportunities

Miami is an enormous center of economic opportunity with several corporations situated in the area. Barcardi, Benihana, Brightstar, Burger King, Carnival Cruise Lines, Inktel Direct, Perry Ellis International, Ryder Systems, Universal Music and Telemundo are just some of the companies that call Miami home that offer strong employment opportunities.

Residential Growth

Over the last ten years, Miami has exploded with new residential development. From as far south as Cutler Ridge through Coral Gables, on to Vizcaya and Brickell into the downtown area, and through the burgeoning Midtown/Wynwood areas that’s home to the Miami Art District. Not to mention South Beach, North Miami Beach and Aventura; you will not lack where you can live when you consider moving to Miami.

Foodies Paradise

Miami has become the city of the “Chef.” One of the most appealing aspects of moving to Miami is the plethora of fantastic restaurants that have become well known in the area. From vegetarian to sushi to gastropub to Italian to seafood to fusion, there is something for everybody here. Eateries like Juvia, Michael’s Genuine, Burger & Beer Joint and Wynwood Kitchen/Bar are just some of the places you will love enjoying an amazing meal.

Burgeoning Arts and Entertainment Scene

In a city like Miami, you will never lack things to do. From the Miami Museum of Science to watching a Miami Heat NBA game, Miami has something for everyone. Home to Miami’s expanding financial district, Brickell is home to many fun restaurants and bars. Midtown/Wynwood sizzles with an eclectic mix of art and music, where you can walk through the streets and see artists creating every day – especially during the monthly artwalks. Not to mention, if you’re a music lover, there are always fun shows coming to town to venues such as Grand Central and the Fillmore Miami Beach.

Most of all, Miami has several annual events that bring in a ton of excitement locally and from vacationers worldwide. Such extravaganzas like Art Basel, South Beach Wine & Food Festival and the Winter Music Conference bring in millions of people to the city each year.

Shopping Galore

Miami is home to several huge shopping centers and boutique halls. Malls like Bayside, Aventura Mall, the Dolphin Mall, Sawgrass Mall, Miami International Mall, Dadeland, Sunset Place and the Falls are just some of the many places that you can get your fill with all the latest trends at some of the most well-known retail stores in the world.


Two major airports connect the world to the greater Miami area. Miami International Airport serves all points across the globe while Fort Lauderdale International to the north helps ebb the traffic that comes into South Florida. The city has an intricate bus system, and the Metrorail transports residents and visitors as far south as the city of Kendall to Miami International to the northwest; all the while going through such major areas as Coral Gables, Brickell and Hialeah. A spider web of major highways connects the city such as I-95, the Dolphin and Palmetto Expressways and the Florida Turnpike.

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