There’s many TV boxes on the market these days, thanks to countless Chinese companies that are trying to make a quick buck on the expanding TV box industry and even bigger companies such as Apple, Amazon and even Google that are cashing in on this new technology. This can be very confusing when it comes time to find the best device to support the popular Kodi Media Center, formerly known as XBMC. To be the best box in the industry would require a team of developers that target that specific box to be compatible with Kodi or XBMC.

Since the dawn of G-Box, Matricom has focused their development efforts on to be tailored specifically for the G-Box. Their first product known as G-Box Midnight was the first widely adopted hardware solution for mainstream XBMC use. Over the past few years, Matricom has built their reputation as the world’s leading XBMC box by providing a team of very active developers working hard to customize the XBMC experience through firmware and open-source XBMC development.

When Matricom released the G-Box MX2, this device took the world by storm and within 6 months over 500,000 units were shipped worldwide, which spread the word about XBMC and the usefulness of this media center paired with Add-ons available all over the internet that allow the MX2 to watch free movies and TV right on the box. The growth of Matricom from sales of their MX2 allowed the company to spend more time on software development which pushed XBMC into the limelight and grew the open source market for this product tremendously.

Now at the end of 2014 Matricom has finally announced the release of the G-Box Q, a quad core device that has been under development since the 4th quarter of 2013. Focusing the development of their new product for this past year has afforded them to create a device more capable with XBMC and Kodi than any other Android solution on the market, including but not limited to the likes of Fire TV, the Nexus Player, Apple TV and all of the other generic boxes from China.

So now to answer the question of which box is best for Kodi. Purchasing a box from Matricom is fueling the Open Source development of Kodi since their developers focus on pushing updates to the XBMC git collaboration. This is great news for Open Source, since this allows the software to be developed more rapidly by having commercial support for essentially free software. Purchasing any other device such as the before-mentioned big brands or any other device from China is not helping the Open Source movement since there is no active development geared towards this amazing media center software.

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